What Makes A Travel Water Flosser A Must For Dental Care?

Everyone has heard their dentist and parents tell them to brush their teeth in the morning and at night before bed. The statement has undoubtedly been repeated far too many times to count. It only goes to show that maintaining good dental hygiene is a never-ending task. Additionally, just brushing isn’t enough. To take care of plaque and cavities in between the teeth, flossing is a must. But for more convenience and ease, there is a travel water flosser.

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser is a gadget that removes plaque, food, and bacteria from the mouth. When used in conjunction with regular flossing, a water flosser may help enhance the daily oral routine and overall dental health provided that it is done correctly.

While there are many different varieties of water flossers, they all share a similar design. They have a reservoir, a specific nozzle, and a pump powered by an electric motor. The engine and pump generate a pressured jet of water that shoots straight between the teeth through the nozzle. Water pressure aids in the removal of food particles, plaque, germs, and tartar, calcified deposits. Water flossers come in four main varieties:

Countertop water flosser

This is the heaviest and bulkiest kind. It sits on a counter and connects to a power outlet. They also have an irrigation tank that has to be refilled whenever it goes dry.

Cordless or Travel water flosser

This kind is generally tiny, thin, and portable since it is cordless or battery-operated. It offers the most versatility and is ideal for travelers.

Shower Flosser 

To floss before, after, or during the shower, this flosser is convenient which connects to the showerhead. There are no batteries or energy required. Therefore there are no refills to be concerned about. They’re typically more challenging to handle, despite their simplicity.

Faucet Flosser

The most common form of water flosser is the faucet flosser. It operates similarly to shower flossers, except instead of attaching to the showerhead, it has a cable that connects to the typical faucet. The primary drawback, like with shower flosser versions, is the lack of mobility.

What makes a travel dental flosser a must?

Dental hygiene is hard to keep if not followed consistently. Teeth and gum care requires more stringent habits than skincare as skin damage is reversible to some extent. However, when it comes to teeth and gums, once damaged, the only possibility is treatment from a dentist. As much as visiting a dentist is detested, it is a painful and expensive procedure to go through. All of these unnecessary troubles can be kept at bay with regular brushing and flossing habits. Benefits of travel water flosser include:

  • Ease of use
  • Convenient to reach every nook and corner in the mouth
  • Fast and less damaging to teeth than string flossing
  • A must option for people who wear braces
  • Ease of mobility even during travels.


Maintaining good dental health does not have to be a difficult task. Tooth plaque and food particles can easily be removed using today’s interdental cleaners like a water flosser.

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