Monday 11 December 2023
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4 Tips to Ease Joint Pain Naturally

4 Tips to Ease Joint Pain Naturally

Joint pains are accompanied with a lot of discomfort, soreness and inflammation in the joints. If not treated on time and with the adequate measures these can worsen with time and even end up causing long-term or permanent damage. Though there are popular natural remedies to alleviate the joint pains, it is always advised to speak to your doctor if the ache persists for too long or the pain becomes unbearable and requires medication. Sometimes joint pains are caused by gout in which case you will have to undergo uric acid treatment, or the area will have to be tested for infection – try home remedies for a while but be in touch with your doctor.

The common method recommended for relief from immediate pains caused by an injury or jerk is called R.I.C.E. – Rest, Ice, compression and elevation, but there are certain lifestyle changes that may need to be made such as achieving an optimal body weight, strengthening exercises and consuming joint health supplements if you have a family history of osteo arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Maintain a healthy weight

You may not realise but your weight plays a very crucial role when it comes to joints. Increased weight adds pressure to joints, especially your feet, hips and knees. If you are overweight or obese and are experiencing joint pains, it is imperative to bring that down. Set a target weight with your doctor and nutritionist and get help to bring it down through dietary control and recommended exercises.

When you lose weight, you reduce the stress on your joints and that brings down the pain, improves your movements and prevents further damage to the joints.

Exercise and stay physically active

If you already have joint pains, it is not advisable to do vigorous exercise but speak to your physiotherapist or orthopaedic doctor and they will recommend certain strengthening exercises that are good for the joints. Low impact exercise such as cycling, swimming, tai-chi and other water activities are recommended.

To prevent joint pains in the first place, one must stay physically fit and exercise regularly. Not only does exercise keep your joints flexible but it also keeps your weight in control & strengthens the muscles around the joints offering more support.

Hot and cold compress

Cold treatments and heat treatments can help reduce inflammation and relieve joint pains. Heat treatments could involve long, warm baths to ease stiffness or even a heating pad or hot water bottle to bring down the discomfort. Cold treatments would involve wrapping a gel ice pack in a cloth and putting it on the concerned area- this reduces swelling and relieves you of inflammation and joint pains. Do not apply ice directly to the skin as it causes extreme discomfort. Some ointments such as Volini or Amrutanjan can be bought over the counter and soothe the pain by providing warmth.

Anti inflammatory drugs

If the joint pain is not as a result of arthritis, then non-prescription, anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken. Make sure to include joint health supplements in your diet as well. Healthskool Pharmacy is recommended for all your medical supplies and purchases – right from a knee brace to the anti-inflammatory non-prescription drugs to prescribed drugs by your orthopaedic doctor to joint health supplements, they have everything available at their stores & online portal.

In case of non-availability, they guarantee that they will arrange it for you. Be it drugs for joint treatment, uric acid treatment, muscle pains or just a fever, Healthskool Pharmacy can be your go-to medical supplier.

Apart from these tips you can get a massage, stretch frequently and get adequate rest. Be sure to follow a nutrient rich diet and keep doing strengthening exercise for the inflamed joints. If the pain becomes unbearable or lasts too long, ideally reach out to your doctor and have it examined.