Vaginal Dryness – Get to Know Natural Remedies to Solve the Problem

Vaginal dryness is an uncomfortable health situation where vagina gets dry and painful. This is a natural phenomenon which happens during the onset and the time of the menopause. Estrogen level decline at the time of menopause. This in turn leads to dryness of the vagina. Additionally, most of the women may experience early vaginal dryness, if they have any immune disorders.

For centuries, women have suffered in silence in absence of right knowledge to address the situation. Needless to say, you must check with a health care provider to solve the situation. Also, in this article, we will discuss in detail how you can solve them yourselves through natural methods.

Reasons for vaginal dryness

Nevertheless, it is a natural phenomenon for women who are going through menopause and also post menopause. We have listed some common causes for it:

Reduced estrogen level

Estrogen is an essential hormone that keeps the uterine, ovary and the vaginal walls healthy. This hormone is helpful in maintaining the normal lubrication of vagina, the pH level and the elasticity.

As we age, this female hormone declines and the vaginal tissue becomes thinner and rigid, as the vagina produces almost negligible lubrication. This aggravates if you follow a fast and urban lifestyle. Alcohol, cigarettes, junk and spicy foods acts as a catalyst to the vaginal dryness. Hence, at any cost you must avoid these items.

Certain medications

Some medications can aggregate the dryness symptoms of the vagina. Increased usage of medicines for cold and allergy can induce faster dryness of the vagina. Also, if you are taking chemotherapy for breast cancer, you can feel some dryness. As per the recent medical reports, you must not also abuse antidepressants. Antidepressants can cause vaginal itching along with dryness.

Overcome vaginal dryness naturally

You don’t have to worry once you notice dryness. There are numerous solutions for vaginal dryness. These are tried and tested. Using these methods can help you reduce the symptoms.

Vaginal wash

You must stop using soap and start using vaginal wash to maintain a healthy ph balance. Soaps disrupt the pH of the vagina and increase the acidic nature of vulva. Thus, you must shift to using vaginal cleansing agents.

Using normal toilet paper

Stop using toilet paper with fragrance. It helps reducing vaginal irritation. Instead you must use a normal toilet paper. Also, you can use panty liners, if you feel discomfort.

Have more sex or masturbate

Sexual pleasure naturally increases the estrogen level and conditions the vagina as the vulva self-lubricates itself. Hence, the best and natural way is to indulge in sex with your partner. Also, you can opt for vibrator to masturbate. It gives similar feeling.

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