Male or Female Therapist – Which One to Choose

The spa is about relaxation and calming down your senses. There are numerous benefits to a great spa massage. Whether you are a first-time goer or a regular person visiting the spa to get relieved from the stress, proper techniques, and complete tranquility is necessary to enjoy the quality time.

Spa massages have shown to benefit people of all ages because the spa can unwind you giving you both psychological and physical pleasure. Now, the question comes down to a major point whether you should go for a male or a female therapist. Let’s have in-depth knowledge about how to make the selection.


There are few spas like deep tissue body massage, sports massage, deep reflexology, which need more firmness in the movements and extra calculated strength. Thus it can address the stubborn stress knots in your back and stimulate the blood flow. It is quite inarguable that man’s hand and pressure tend to be more firm than a woman’s.

Hence if you are visiting a spa after a long time and are completely exhausted, then you can choose a male masseur. However, if you are looking for spa therapy in Canada, you will also find a well-trained female spa masseur who can give you spa massages. Montreal city spa is one such place where you can enjoy a firm massage from a trained female professional as well.


Unfortunately, as per the recent spa business statistics, most of the female goers feel comfortable with female therapists. It is more of a biased view that females provide much satisfaction than a male. Needless to say, most of the spa-goers are female and when they are choosing a full-body relaxation Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, they will go for a female therapist.

The spa is all about mental comfort and calmness. Most of the women go for a female therapist when the massage they choose need to go undressed. Similarly, some male spa-goers opt for female spa therapist as they feel uncomfortable being touched by another male. Therefore, it is mostly about a preconceived notion that may be baseless, but that’s how the customer prefers.

Experience level

Last but not least, nothing beats experience. At the end of the day, whether it is a male or a female the whole experience matters most than gender. You are going to the spa to relieve your stress level so that you can take on to the next few days.

The reality is that you must go for the best masseur in town to experience greater satisfaction. Skills and strokes during the massage sessions are very important. You need to be comfortable around the person. Whether it’s a male or a female, they are just doing their job. Hence, keep an open mind while you are booking your next appointment.

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