Factors To Consider Before Buying A Slow Juicer

When one is giving priority to health and consuming nutrients, switching to slow juicers is an excellent option. Juices can help in keeping the body hydrated and also provides the nutrient dosage from fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, Hurom slow juicers have the reputation of making life easier. Apart from the juices, one can also enjoy a wide variety of soups, and cocktails at home. It is vital to opt for the right juicer.


Before investing in a slow juicer, it is necessary to consider the type of juices he/she prefers. This helps in making the right choice in terms of the power capacity of the juicers. It is recommended to opt for a juicer with a minimum of 400 watts of power because it helps to do the function efficiently. Furthermore, it is also necessary to determine the amount of juice required every day on a single-serve. Based on such considerations the power outage of a slow juicer should be considered.

Heat production

This is an important factor that must be considered by a buyer. The slow juicers operate at a speed that might cause friction. The generation of heat during the functioning can lead to the oxidation of fiber and nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Though slow juicers have the reputation of generating the least amount of heat during operation, still some amount of heat is produced. Thus, it is necessary to seriously consider this aspect before making the final call to buy a slow juicer.

Noise and speed

One must buy a slow juicer that fits his/her lifestyle concerning the noise and speed when operating. The Hurom slow juicers function quieter when compared to centrifugal juicers. Thus, the household members don’t get disturbed when the juicer operates. Furthermore, the speed of the juicer is also an important factor to consider, especially when someone prefers drinking juices every morning amidst a busy schedule. It is highly recommended to opt for a juicer that features multiple speed options. It helps to extract juice out of raw fruits and vegetables better and more efficiently.

Convenience and ease to use

Yet another factor of consideration while picking a juicer is the ease of use and convenience it offers. It is recommended to pick a juicer that is easy to clean. Nobody wants to struggle for hours trying to remove and clean food elements from the corners of the juicer. It is better to get hold of a juicer that comes with a wide feeding tube. This helps to prevent clogging, thereby producing more juice, and is also easy to clean. The juicers that are easy to clean, wash, and maintain are always a better investment. All that one needs to do is disassemble the parts, and rinse the juicer clean.


When one explores the market, he/she will come across a wide array of slow juicers. Each one of them differs in pricing based on the brand, specifications, additional features, warranty, and technologies used. Hurom slow juicers are known for their top-notch qualities, and performance.

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