Which is better for Spider Treatment: Laser Vein Treatment or Sclerotherapy?

Laser treatment

This treatment is a rapid, effective and a noninvasive procedure that makes the use of a focused beam of light to destroy the affected veins. When laser is subjected on the affected area, the pigment there is targeted in the blood and the vessel is warmed without damaging the skin or the nearby tissues. After 4 to 6 weeks of treatment, the vein is reabsorbed by the body and it fades away. The blood is redirected to healthier veins.


During the laser vein treatments, a pair of goggles will be provided to shield your eyes against the laser light. Then a cooling gel is applied to treat the area. The laser is subject to the affected area on the skin. You may feel uneasy as the laser fire, it may feel like rubber band snapping against the skin. To increase comfort, ice pack is applied. Know that this treatment needs no downtime, but you may experience little inflammation and redness. So, always wear compression garments for some time post treatment.

Frequency of treatment needed

On the basis of frequency, color and size of veins, you may need multiple sessions to fix this. Appointments will be fixed once in every four weeks.


This is a minimally invasive spider vein treatment that is operable by delivering a sclerosing agent into a ruined vessel through injection. When injected, the solution triggers the inner lining of the damaged vein to seal it shut tight. The vessel is then rendered a scar tissue and then fades away as the body absorbs it.


After the treated area has been cleaned with an antiseptic solution, the doctor will inject a solution into the vessel being treated. There is minimal discomfort felt and no anesthesia is needed. You may also feel a slight prick and a mild burning feel as well when the solution is injected. No downtime is needed in sclerotherapy.

Frequency of sclerotherapy needed

A patient usually needs 3 to 5 sclerotherapy treatments to achieve results. Your treatments will be based on the size of treated area and your goals.

Comparing the two

Sclerotherapy is ideal if you don’t have high pain tolerance and your skin is not compatible to laser. Laser treatment is ideal when you hate needles or meds of sclerotherapy of if the affected area is too small to deal with. The best choice is determined on the basis of size and location of your veins. Many times, both the treatment are combined to remove the spider veins for good.

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