The Prime Reasons for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder. This happens due to loss of Dopamine producing cells. Hence, there is slow deterioration of motor functions leading to the movements of the body parts.

To know more about the disease and the involvement of movement disorders those results in the patient being bedridden, the primary step is to understand the causes of the ailment.

The causes behind the occurrence of the disease are still unknown. There can be just assumptions and clues indicating that the person is suffering from Parkinson’s disease (PD).

A Few of the Assumed Causes:

  • There is no formation of Dopamine – It is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in the coordination of body movements. It is done by passing messages by dopamine to various parts of the brain. Due to some reason, the dopamine producing cells are affected leading to PD.

  • It may be a genetic disorder – Research shows that PD occurrence can be due to a person’s genes. Somebody in the family may have had PD.
  • Environment – Some kind of chemicals trigger the onset of the disease by mixing in the blood causing central nervous system to malfunction. Harmful pesticides, insecticides and even fungicides have potent chemical components being induced in the body resulting in acquiring PD symptoms.
  • Lewy bodies – These are the abnormal clump formation of proteins nestled in the brain stem found in PD patients. These clumps aren’t able to break down and clog the brain thus obstructing the functioning of the brain cells. The brain starts degenerating as blood doesn’t reach all parts of the brain system thus affecting the motor coordination of the person’s limbs and muscles.
  • It can be old age factor – The production of dopamine decreases with aging and this may cause PD. The non function of certain brain cells due to old age may be the leading factor causing PD.

  • Varied occupation of individuals – People exposed to certain chemicals may have adverse effect on their body leading to PD symptoms. These toxic chemicals are some of the factors that cause adverse ailments, thus one must be cautious while working in such environment.

The ailment may not be curable however with proper treatment and medications the effects of the symptoms can be reduced to a great extent. It will be helpful to check the symptoms in the early stages of PD to have an effective treatment.

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