Pros & Cons of Rhinoplasty That You Should Know!

If you’re in the process of considering a rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure, then you’ll of course have a lot on your mind as you’re weighing out your options. The truth is that rhinoplasty is a wonderful and safe cosmetic procedure that has been growing in popularity throughout recent years all over the world.

We’ve luckily teamed up with the cosmetic surgery specialists at Dallas Surgical Arts, a rhinoplasty dallas expert, to support us in creating this list of pros and cons oriented around rhinoplasty. It’s understandable if you feel as though you need to speak with specialists and get all sorts of details before committing to this type of cosmetic nose surgery, so here are some of the things you should keep in mind when you’re undergoing this planning!

Pros of Rhinoplasty

There certainly are many different advantages associated with rhinoplasty that prospective patients should keep in mind, some of which include the following:

Increased Self-Confidence

There’s absolutely no denying that people feel more confident after undergoing rhinoplasty procedures, and this is partly because our noses are always rather prominent features within our facial complexions.

When someone gets rhinoplasty and subsequently begins facing the world with a beautiful, more aesthetically pleasing nose, it does wonders for their confidence. And as we all know, increased confidence levels begin to open up so many possibilities in life!

Improved Health

One of the many positive side effects associated with increased confidence levels is the simple fact that you’ll know firsthand that you’re taking much better care of yourself. Many people will undergo rhinoplasty to support their breathing difficulties, and this type of cosmetic surgery does frequently make breathing much easier for patients.

And when you know you’re breathing easier and providing your body with the support it needs, you’ll be able to embrace a more active lifestyle with increased confidence!

Breathing Improvements

As mentioned above, plenty of patients solely need rhinoplasty surgery to support their breathing difficulties. Some common breathing difficulties that require rhinoplasty include sleep apnea and a deviated septum.

And it’s also important to note that many of these patients can get these procedures covered by their health insurance provider because it’s for health-related purposes.

Drawbacks to Rhinoplasty

There are certain drawbacks and considerations that potential rhinoplasty patients should keep in mind, and you might want to reconsider this type of procedure if the following applies to you:

Unrealistic Expectations

It is true that rhinoplasty procedures can feel life changing, but it’s important to remember that no cosmetic procedure will automatically change your life. Plastic surgeries like nose jobs should primarily be oriented around pleasing yourself, not other people.

This is why it’s so important to speak with your surgeon about the realistic expectations you should have when it comes to your procedure’s outcome.

Lengthy Recovery Period

It’s also important to remember that rhinoplasty surgery is pretty major, so you’ll need to recover for at least several days or even weeks. The overall recovery period for your procedure will ultimately depend upon the levels of invasiveness involved with your surgery, but no matter what you’re still going to need to plan out an adequate amount of time for you to heal and rest.


There certainly are financing options available to all patients and some patients will have the possibility of getting insurance coverage, but rhinoplasty is generally an elective surgery that doesn’t get covered.

This is why it’s incredibly important to speak with your doctor about the overall costs associated with your procedure.

Speak With The Rhinoplasty Dallas Experts at Dallas Surgical Arts To Learn More Today!

Rhinoplasty is always a very beautiful cosmetic procedure that does wonders for countless people each and every year, and it’s understandable if you’re interested in learning more directly from esteemed specialists.

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