Monday 11 December 2023
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Glo: Yoga Online At The Push Of A Button

Glo: Yoga Online At The Push Of A Button

Yoga practice involves exercises and techniques that can allow an individual to care for their bodies and minds in a way that few other things can. However, many people do not have the available time to perform these potentially life-changing activities.

Many options for yoga practice involve the need for certain conditions that many of you might not be able to meet. What good is a yoga class at the gym if you can’t attend it because of work? Even home-based yoga DVDs require you to be at home in a place that has ample space for you to work in.

Despite this dilemma, modern technology has opened up opportunities to access yoga in unprecedented ways. Yoga online gives individuals the capacity to take their yoga practice wherever they are. In addition, this opened access can allow instructors to deliver practices that can benefit and fit into the busiest schedules.

Being able to offer quality yoga online that fits the needs of all lifestyles is one of the key goals that Glo strives to uphold. By delivering highly-accessible courses and offering hundreds of courses with techniques that take 5 minutes to perform, Glo presents yogic instruction that accommodates any schedule.

Issues With Conventional Yoga Practice

Before the birth of online yoga platforms like Glo, aspiring yoga enthusiasts would need a lot of time, money and resources to practice yoga consistently. Some of you might already be aware of the demands that yoga practice can have if you rely on a studio or gym for it.

If you miss a class, you might have to wait several days or weeks before it is available again. The classes themselves can easily be an hour long, and you have to spend time traveling to your location just to practice. In all, you need a lot of time that many regular people don’t seem to have available to them.

There are also factors that extend beyond this. However, the result is that many people simply can’t meet the demands that conventional yoga practice requires. Instead, practitioners need a way to implement yoga into their busy schedules. They need instruction that caters to their needs.

Yoga Online That Goes Wherever You Go

By taking the path to offer yoga online, Glo allows students to access their courses through any mobile internet device. You no longer have to meet a singular teacher on their schedule and time. Your instruction is available whenever and wherever want it.

There are a lot of benefits to this feature. First, Glo offers hundreds of courses that teach you how to integrate yogic practice and principles into your everyday life. There are also hundreds of courses dedicated to meditation and the finer spiritual aspects of yoga.

In many cases, learning this material can be very time-consuming, requiring many hours of additional study. Learning traditional yogic principles and deeper spiritual practices is often quite absent in modern yoga establishments.

However, Glo allows you to take these video lectures with you wherever you are. If you are on the commute to work, you can simply turn on any lecture of your choosing. If you can’t finish the whole lecture in one sitting, just simply stop and resume where you left off.

This accessibility also gives you a chance to review and learn practices you are interested in before you try them. Yoga practices can often be somewhat difficult for people to learn when they first start them. They can spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do, and this can cause practice sessions eat precious time.

However, you can review them in your spare time, giving you the ability to progress faster and make better use of your practice sessions. You can also save valuable time by seeing if practice looks worthwhile, saving you from spending time on things you actually aren’t interested in.

Hundreds Of Courses Between 5-15 Minutes Long

As a spiritual practice, yoga consists of various techniques that are designed to refresh, enhance and control the functions of the mind, emotions and energy. However, many of the most popular, conventional approaches to these practices are often very time-consuming.

However, this is not all there is to yoga. There a hundreds of yogic techniques that can be practiced in 15, 10, or even 5 minutes. Glo provides hundreds of simple, yet beneficial meditations that can help you re-charge after, or even in the middle of a long day of work. Moreover, if you have headphones, you can silence out background noise an focus on the teacher’s instructions as they guide you through the process.

This is equally true for the hundreds of physical yoga courses. Many are designed to take 15 minutes or or less, and require very little space to perform. With Glo, the obstacles of traditional practice no longer stop you from getting the quality yoga instruction you deserve.