Four Common Methods of Extracting CBD Oil from the Plant

You have probably known about the different health benefits of CBD oil to health. However, you may not know about how the substance is produced and what to know before picking a product. Whether used topically or ingested, CBD oil is made using various processes. It can have different colors and contain contaminants, depending on the way they cannabis plants are grown. Before buying CBD oil and other CBD-based products, there are things to consider including how they are made.

Keep reading to be informed about how CBD oil is made and what to think about when evaluating CBD products:

Whole Plant Extraction

CBD oil made using this method contains both CBD and some levels of THC. THC is a compound that produces psychoactive effects which means it can make users “high.” Also, the oil can have other cannabinoids from the plant and terpenes. Terpenes are the plant’s anti-inflammatory agent. Whole plant extraction, which is also called full spectrum extraction, can effectively isolate CBD oil.

CO2 Extraction

What is co2 extraction? Supercritical carbon dioxide process is the purest and most expensive method to make CBD oil. This process makes use of fluid CO2 as a solvent instead of chemicals. Usually, it is used for other commercial extraction processes in the food industry, particularly when making coffee and omega-3 oil.

Isolate Extraction

In this method, the CBD oil is extracted has only CBD. A lot of people choose CBD oil made through this method so that it does not have any traces of THC. The resulting oil can be considered a less risky option for any person who does not want the psychoactive effect.

Ethanol Extraction

This is the most common method to extract CBD oil from the plant. This process uses ethanol as the solvent. This is a fast method and requires inexpensive equipment. Also, it is less power-intensive than the CO2 extraction method. However, because ethanol is flammable, some precautions must be taken during the process.

If you are in the marketing to buy CBD oil and other CBD products, you don’t really pay must attention to how the product is made and which process is used. Rather, you will have to consider how the cannabis plants are grown and the contaminants they contain. Although CBD has been legalized in many states, it is still regulated to protect consumers. Make sure to learn whether to choose topical or ingested CBD product, the amount of CBD and THC in a product, and the testing carried out on the final product.

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