Monday 4 March 2024
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Why The Cheapest Priced Vape Juice Is Not Always The Best

Why The Cheapest Priced Vape Juice Is Not Always The Best

If you are a smoker and have never tried to quit before, it is a challenging task that will take a slot of self-control and willpower. Anything that you can do to ease the withdrawal from nicotine will help to increase your chances of success. There are many cessation tools available that you can use to help you stop smoking, and one of the most popular ones is vaping. Vaping is so attractive that many non-smokers take it up and use nicotine-free vape juice because of the wide assortment of flavours available. There are lots of different vape juices available to buy, with some far cheaper than others, and these are not always the bargain you think they are.

Better Than Smoking

Medical professionals widely accept that vaping is better for you than smoking, although that does not mean it is risk-free. Research is ongoing looking at the effects of vaping on the human body, and there is no solid conclusion yet. The primary ingredients of vape juice are as follows:

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – A viscous liquid used primarily in the food industry and help to make bigger vape clouds.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – Not as viscous as VG and this is also common in the food industry. It helps create the flavours and gives the user a hot n their throat when inhaled.
  • Nicotine – A highly addictive substance than can affect your health, especially when smoked.
  • Flavourings – It is often the flavourings that are unknown as to what they do when vaped, which is why vaping is not 100% safe.

These are the four primary ingredients you see in vape juice, but you can sometimes find more in products from overseas, and they are not always stated on their labels. If the labelling is not clear and comprehensive, you will not know what is in them, which means you are putting yourself at risk.

Vaping Products Are Not Always Regulated

When it comes to buying e-liquid, UK 100ml products and ones of other sizes all must adhere to the UK regulations. Products made outside of the UK but sold by British retailers must conform to the rules, and these are much stricter in the UK than in other countries. Some companies that make vape juice overseas use various chemicals and additives to enhance flavours, which can adversely affect your health. Research still needs to be done on their long-term effects as initial findings are inconclusive, so you will want to ensure you only vape a high-quality product that you know the ingredients 100%.

A Big Risk For A Small Saving

When you purchase lower quality products from overseas, you may be able to make a small saving on the cost of the vape juice. However, when you weigh up the cost of ruining your health further, you need to ask yourself whether the saving is worth it. You may even find that when you include the cost of shipping, the money that you save is minuscule, if at all. If you are going to take up vaping, ensure you use quality products and you will help to ensure you are vaping as safely as possible.