The Therapeutic Benefits of CBD and THC For Nausea and Vomiting

Have you heard of CBD products? If not, you should know that these three letters stand for Cannabidiol, CBD, and THC. Yes, CBD is not a cannabis plant at all. It is derived from hemp plants such as marijuana, which is well-known to contain very little of the cannabis plant’s therapeutic attributes. In fact, CBD is derived from a variety of other plants as well, including the more well-known Australian grass, cannabis. However, CBD products are derived from cannabis in an extremely controlled and precise manner, as is the case with marijuana.

In actuality, CBD, CBC, and CBG might just sound like the same scientific words but, in reality, they are quite different. Take CBD, for example. This is derived from the active ingredient of cannabis. As such, this compound serves as a very important natural ingredient for treating a number of ailments, not just cannabis itself. Besides, there have been studies done which show that CBD can be used in conjunction with other topicals, such as topically applied oils which contain substances similar to THC.

So why are we hearing all of this talk about CBD and CBDA benefits? For one, CBD and CBDA are both derived from cannabis plant leaves, which means that these are actually “cbd-based” products. However, they are not identical to each other. In addition, when used in combination, CBD products offer some very distinct advantages. For instance, the combination of CBD with terpenes and hesperidin has been shown to produce powerful anti-inflammatory properties, even without adding any Terpenes to the mix. The exact same thing can be said for CBD and THC, although experts say that the two should never be combined as it can cause intoxication.

Another interesting aspect of this issue is that, because both CBD and THC are powerful substances, they can sometimes increase the likelihood of negative side effects. Most notably, CBD and Terpenes have been proven to interact with nausea. In fact, researchers have noted that the combination of CBD and Terpenes can even lead to nausea and vomiting. As such, the American Cancer Society recommends that pregnant women and children stay away from products which contain these two compounds.

Last, but certainly not least, both CBD and Terpenes can cause migraines and muscle spasms. While the exact reasoning behind this is unclear, many believe that the two chemicals work together to reduce inflammation, which, in turn, can help reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. However, since these are side effects which occur only when the two ingredients are combined, it’s impossible to say whether or not these side effects will persist. In any event, you should avoid products which combine these two chemicals.

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