Reasons To Buy A Slow Juicer

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends eating at least 400 g of vegetables and fruits every day to be healthy. However, the country’s reality is very different; neither children nor adults consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

So the question now is: How to consume more fruits and vegetables? What if instead of eating fruits and vegetables we drink them? To make this task easier, some propose two models of juice extractors to make “eating” fruits and vegetables, both for adults and children, much more straightforward and straightforward; for many, the best option is to buy slow juicer.

Natural cold-pressed juice has the best taste because it keeps all the nutrition and vivid color without oxidizing. The healthy customer knows them and asks for them. You can make juices, smoothies, and ice creams non-stop because this model is for intensive use and the only professional juice extractor that can work for 24 hours of continuous use and obtain in juices 40 liters per hour. You can find equipment in the most important firms of healthy establishments as in any restaurant, supermarket, or alternative center of the sector.

By buy slow juicer, the natural cold-pressed juice can keep all its flavor and nutrition intact up to 72 hours later if we keep it in the refrigerator. The juice extractor, by not oxidizing the fruit or producing heat during the squeezing process, keeps all the properties, flavor, and nutrition of the juice intact by running at low revolutions per minute and with a press, without blades, unlike what a blender or mixer does.

Thanks to juice extractors, we can get the nutrients of fruits and vegetables in a glass of cold-pressed juice that keeps all the nutrition intact, no additives, no sugar, and no water, just 100% natural juice. Healthy and balanced food is more accessible when we make it easy at home with ingredients we select ourselves.

Thanks to the juice’s easy digestion, in 15 minutes, you will have all the nutrients in your bloodstream without consuming sugar (only the sugar naturally present in fruits and vegetables), no additives, no preservatives, or anything external to what you have used at home.

By cold pressing your juice, you get all the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients that are only available in these foods) and also the fiber from them, since, with an additional accessory, we can prepare cold-pressed smoothies and sorbets in summer made from fruits and vegetables.

Natural cold-pressed juices (cold-pressed by the mastication process of juice extractors) help us to have a healthier and more balanced diet, especially for those people who find it difficult to eat fruits and vegetables regularly.

If you buy slow juicer, you can make the combination of natural juices you want at the moment. Don’t be scared; not all juicers are monstrous; thanks to the characteristics of many of them, you don’t have to cut the fruit and vegetables because they can fit a whole unpeeled apple in the mouth of the juicer. Cleaning the equipment is usually super easy, thanks to the brushes included when you buy slow juicer. Many juicers also allow you to make creative vegetable ice cream and fruit and vegetable smoothies.

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