Maintenance Tips for Your Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, they help to realign your skeletal system and bring comfort to people suffering from foot complaints such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. When used properly, orthotic insoles can provide years of comfort and quality support. To get the most from this product, it is vitally important to take good care of them by understanding your insoles.

Here are some maintenance tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your orthotic insoles.

Breaking In process

When you purchase a pair of orthotic insoles, you shouldn’t immediately start wearing them for long periods of the day. Your body must get used to them; this means you have to “break them in” by increasing the amount of time you use them from one to several hours. Experts such as Zullaz Australia recommend starting off wearing your insoles for roughly 2 hours a day. You can increase this number by 1 hour every day, giving your body a chance to adjust to the changes in your posture.

If you feel any discomfort or pain around your foot, lower back or knees, consult your podiatrist to resolve the issue. Symptoms of pain should disappear within a short space of time as your body adapts to its improved posture, your entire body will realign and function more effectively than before.

Post Break In

After you’ve gotten used to your new insoles and you’ve passed the breaking in period, you should try wearing your orthotic insoles 100% of the time when you are on your feet. Although most people will wear them for approximately 60% of the time, the more you get used to them the better your body will feel. Once you’ve finished the break in period, you should be able to successfully wear your orthotic insoles for about 8 hours a day. If you take part in regular physical activity, especially high impact sports, you should consider wearing your insoles during these times.

Maintenance Tips

  • Removing Orthotics – It is possible to remove your orthotic insoles every night before you go to bed. You won’t damage the insoles and they can be re-installed the next day when you put your footwear on. Removing them from your shoes gives them a chance to air dry, removing odours. It is necessary to remove them if you sweat a lot during the day or you live in a warm country. If they get wet, you should take them out and let them air dry.
  • Cleaning – You can clean your orthotics with a damp cloth, as opposed to putting them in a washing machine. Avoid rubbing them with chemicals or any other cleaning solutions, a damp cloth will do the job.

Orthotic insoles are easy to maintain if you follow the tips mentioned above, they last a lot longer and you won’t damage the structure. When drying your insoles, you shouldn’t expose them to very warm temperatures, it can cause them to lose their shape and become distorted. If properly maintained, they can last for several years without needing a replacement.

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