Monday 11 December 2023
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How Postnatal Massage is Beneficial?

How Postnatal Massage is Beneficial?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes plenty of changes. Post natal massage helps to relax her and gain her former condition. The focus is mainly on muscle and tissue strengthening, which was changed during pregnancy.

Post natal massage includes full body massage from a trained masseur. According to Ayurveda, a good care is necessary for the mom especially for the first 40-days post-delivery. Traditional baths including indigenous herbs preceding an elaborate massage is crucial portion of this routine.

The different types of strokes increase blood circulation and helps to release relaxation hormones. You can read more about postnatal packages on

Postnatal massage benefits

Helps in uterus recovery

Uterine contractions support natural cleaning process, where blood along with other discharges get eliminated. Massage on the stomach can help natural cleansing process of the uterus as well as restore its form and size before pregnancy.

Reduces swelling

Major blood vessels were pressurized due to heavy uterus and hormonal imbalances causing poor circulation and water retention. This even cause swelling of joints but when the masseur works on soft body tissues, circulation enhances and excess toxins and fluid is removed from the body.

Enhances breast milk production

Special techniques are applied to stimulate breast tissue. The arousal of oxytocin causes reflexes to decline and even during massage session breast milk is released. Lumps get loosened and thus the milk flow enhances. Blocked milk ducts can stagnate milk in the breast causing a bacterial infection called Mastitis. Massage helps to prevent such condition.

Enhanced posture, coordination and stability

As her core muscle stretches during pregnancy, it becomes weak. Changes in body mass roots posture changes. Hormonal fluctuations relax the connective tissues. Postnatal massage helps to reverse these alterations and helps her regain strength.


The nine months of pregnancy is stressful as your body experiences multiple physical and emotional changes. Post natal massage helps to rejuvenate your body and beat stress.

Fast recovery

As muscles get strengthened, the body recovery process quickens. You get support in a holistic journey to regain yourself as well as take care of your small baby.

Glowing skin

As blood circulation is enhanced, the stretched tissue gets smoothened up. You regain your glowing skin and the ugly stretch marks also fade away.

Get body back

Your tummy gets tucked in as the masseur works on stomach muscles and enhances blood flow. Strained muscles get strengthened and body regains its vitality.

Women with normal delivery can choose to have postnatal massage within five days post-delivery. After C-section, it is crucial to allow the wound to heal properly and it takes around a couple of weeks. Consistent 40 days massage is recommended to enjoy maximum benefits.