How is CBD Beneficial for Athletes?

Athletes tend to put a toll on their body. The stress of the training makes them adaptable and boosts their performance, but physical trauma and wear and tear can also cause injuries and pain. The methods in use today for pain management are effective for sure, but they are killing people as well. There is only one solution to this, using cannabidiol or CBD for athletes. We have listed the reasons and benefits to the same.

  1. They can be used as an alternative to NSAIDs

Athletes usually use the OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil or Aleve for years but they are not as safe as you think to be. Especially the ultra distance athletes are advised to steer clear from NSAIDs in the long training sessions and events because of risk of the renal damage. No matter if your workouts are short term, long term, frequent use of NSAIDs can increase the risk for heart attack and stroke. Hence, CBD capsules are all you need.

  1. They help in relieving pain

Studies have proven that cannabis is effective for curing pain like musculoskeletal pain resulting from exercise and stiff joints as well. Very little research has been conducted on CBD. But this very research is where the anecdotal evidence and biological plausibility is present where the imminent research can catch up. Although, there is no solid evidence, CBD relieves pain for many athletes.

  1. It can be used as an alternative to opioids

Opioid pain meds are effective for pain management, but is known highly risky for addictions and may also cause death by overdose. Cannabinoids are not as heavy and harmful as opioids for relieving pain, but it surely helps in long term pain management. It can be used alone or with other meds with less risk of dependence or accidental death.

  1. It reduces inflammation

A teensy bit of inflammation is beneficial for athletes, it helps in stimulating positive training adaptations as well. Over inflammation tends to obstruct recovery and impacts performance as well. There are many CB2 receptors in brain and periphery, but they are centered in immune tissues. Cannabinoids binding to CB2 receptors bear anti-inflammatory effects by eliminating cytokine production. It means that CBD bound to CB2 receptors calms down the response when your immune system is triggered after hard workouts.

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