Monday 11 December 2023
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Here is What You Should Do If You Have Foot and Ankle Arthritis

Here is What You Should Do If You Have Foot and Ankle Arthritis

Almost every elderly is suffering from arthritis in their feet and they have no idea about it because they experience no symptoms. But if you do, you may feel:

  1. Difficult to walk
  2. Pain and stiffness
  3. Tender joints
  4. Misshaped ankles and toes
  5. Numbness and tingling

This article highlights how you can relieve foot pain with stem cell therapy.

Foot and ankle arthritis

Experts claim that there could be around 30 various arthritis on your feet and ankles as 30 various joints are impacted. When the cartilage breaks down, the bones tend to grind together that renders walking painful. Many patients also experience bones rubbing on one another. This can hamper with the joint motion, particularly when deformity on the feet comes about and changes its shape. Patients usually get OA, RA and post traumatic arthritis that occurs in the toe, midfoot, ankle and hindfoot. Ankle affected by arthritis can impact your motion the most as this is where many joints move and flex that let you run, walk, jump, and stand. The gist of the regenerative medicine and rehab therapy is to relax the inflammation to slow down or stop cartilage breakdown altogether. When it comes to stem cell injections, you can trigger plenty of stem cell solutions or damage joint area to relax the inflammation while lubricating a joint so as to move it without any pain.

Stem cell injections

As the experts claim there may be no cure for RA as your body in-built immune system is being attacked by your joints. You need to possess that very immune system in order to live. When it comes to arthritis RA types, the stem cell injections are the only one that comes to the rescue by calming down the inflammation that is attacking the joints. These injections cure all kinds of arthritis because there is some level of inflammation involved or there is a lack of lubrication that causes breakage in your cartilage, hence the pain.

You may go for a liquid cell stem solution in order to replace the inflammation that is impacting your joints or a stem cell solution that is helpful in lubricating your joints. Keep in mind that stem cells are neutral cells formed in your body to heal you post injury. When injured, your body sends a reserve of cells to the injured parts along with blood platelets. These cells replace and become the type of damaged cells, hence you get scabs from damaged wounds.