Get More Sexy and Pulpy Lips with Lip Augmentation

Full Lips are a sign of young age and fitness. There are many ways to enhance or restore soft tissue loss, whether you have thin lips or natural aging processes are affecting your lips’ shape. Lip injections with synthetic or natural fillers help to keep your lips pulpy for several months. For more permanent results, you can go with lip implants. Understanding the proper shape and size for every person is necessary for a doctor to create full and sexy lips. This is determined by overall facial proportions, oral region characteristics, patient age, sex, and ethnicity. Only an experienced and certified surgeon can perform Lip Augmentation Toronto and give you the desired results.

Lip Fillers

The upper and lower lips are injected with lip fillers. Lip fillers come in different varieties, including Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and Perlane. Lip filler augmentation is a technique that takes place in the doctor’s office. Your doctor will examine your lips and overall face balance throughout your appointment. To assess the symmetry and form of your lips, your doctor will take photographs of them. Your doctor will next assess which parts of your lips require plumping and fullness.

Because Juvederm Ultra Plus contains lidocaine, it is ideal for temporary lip augmentation. Lidocaine has a numbing agent. You are ready for the treatment when your doctor figured out how much and where to inject it.

Lip Augmentation with Surgery

Lip augmentation implants are a good alternative for lip fillers as they have permanent results. During your lip assessment, your doctor will decide the appropriate size of the lip implant. The Permalink implant is inserted at the doctor’s office. The skin around the surgical region is first sterilized. The lips are then anesthetized. After numbing the lips, an incision is done on both corners of the mouth.

A curved alligator clamp tool is used to craft a tunnel under the lip. The lip tunnel is designed to follow the contours of the lip. After reaching the end of the tunnel, it makes open the curved alligator clamp. The implant is performed by dragging them into the lip tunnel. The implant is placed over the lip muscles and under the lip fat.

The Lip implants can be performed in thirty minutes, and the patient does not need to stay at the clinic. This surgery might cost you between $2,000 and $4,000.

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