Essential Signs of an Infected Wound

It is common for people to have some cuts, and wounds heal faster. But, on the other hand, some people have the painful experience of having stubborn wounds that won’t heal fast. Usually, the latter case means the victim’s wound is infected with harmful bacteria. This, in essence, is what is hindering the body from healing the wound on its own.

Sadly, some infections may spread to other parts of the body. And the consequences of the risk factors of these are evident. For this reason, it can never be overstated any better why one will want to receive timely infected wound treatment. But the question someone may be asking is how to identify such wounds precisely.  The signs to look out for are endless, and below are just some common ones.

Persistent Redness

It is usual for wounds to be red for some time or immediately after an incident leading to it. But it is pretty abnormal for it to be continuously read or for an extended period. So, when someone notices that the redness in their wound won’t go away even with a minor case, seeking medical attention will be an excellent move.

Abnormal Pus

Pus coming from a wound can be one of the ugliest things someone may want to see. But it happens anyway, and the most significant difference in handling that is to know what to do. Pus usually means the body is fighting an infection, so it is entirely normal to see them. Normal pus is clear or yellowish, but when it turns green and smelly, that could be a more severe case. So this is one of the perfect moments to consider infected wound treatment.


Someone may have a wound, but it is not a must for it to swell. It is also normal for the wound to swell. However, if the swelling continues, it may indicate the wound isn’t healing as expected. The case even worsens when the swelling comes with additional pain. And should one experience such a situation, seeking medical attention will be an excellent thing to consider?


Wounds with redness and swelling around them may bring along some heat. The body uses heat to battle bacteria, and it is common even when one has a fever. When one notices some heat around the wound, it could signal a condition that won’t heal as fast as expected. Of course, seeking treatment at this moment is the best thing to do.


If pain from a wound persists, it could mean the wound isn’t healing as expected due to an infection—pain from any wound, especially when infected, can be unbearable at some point. But getting medical assistance will be an excellent way to reduce that.


The symptoms of an infected wound are endless. The ones listed above are just a few of the most common. For instance, escalated cases may bring fever or malaise, and all these are still attributes of an infected wound. Regardless of the sign, getting medical attention will be an excellent idea.

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