Cannabis 101: Discover everything about use of CBD and THC

The cannabis plant has many compounds called cannabinoids, which work with endocannabinoid system of the body. Of all cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes found in cannabis, two are of utmost importance to users and researchers – CBD and THC. The mind-altering high that we all have learned to associate with cannabis is caused by THC, which is psychoactive, while CBD is known for many therapeutic benefits. From edibles that contain cannabis, to THC Body Lotion, there are all sorts of products in the market, which may be handy for users who want different experiences from cannabis.

In this post, we are discussing more on the use of CBD and THC.

Types of products

You can use cannabis in varied forms beyond the pot. From vape pens and edibles to lotions, topical ointments, the choice depends on your needs. That said, make sure that you don’t select a product that doesn’t describe its use. Both CBD and THC-based products that are meant to be used topically have many benefits. From acne and sunburn to reducing skin damage, these products are quite ideal. Brands often have skincare products that rely on both these compounds, and these are useful as a part of your skincare regimen. Edibles, distillates and other products are specific for experiences, so if you want to get that high, cannabis edibles could be the right choice.

Facts to know about CBD and THC

Some products may contain both CBD and THC, while some may have one as the main ingredients. CBD products often contain more of the compound and only traces of THC, and such products are made from hemp. On the other hand, products that contain more of THC are derived from the cannabis plant. The strain also makes a difference in that context. For example, you will find products that are based on the Indica strain, which is more relaxing, while products with sativa strain are designed to offer an energetic high.

Other aspects to know

Always get your cannabis-based products from the right brand. This is important because the quality of the product does make a difference. If you are buying skincare products, check for the entire list of ingredients and go for a brand that clearly gives all the details required. Used rightly, CBD and THC-based products can be a great part of your lifestyle, especially when you are interested in the therapeutic and other benefits.

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