A Guide to Living With Acne

Acne may be a common skin condition, but that doesn’t mean it is merely a minor inconvenience. Sure, we all get pimples now and then, especially during the teen years. But some people suffer tremendously from severe acne, and the disease’s effects can be more than skin deep.

Acne can be socially, emotionally and psychologically devastating. Numerous studies have found links between acne and low self-esteem, low self-confidence, depression and anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. What can be done?

The accompanying infographic provides a brief overview of acne: the possible causes, emotional effects, lifestyle changes that may help, and how to avoid making the condition worse. You’ll find helpful tips for yourself or your teenager on managing this disease.

While doctors are not totally of one mind when it comes to what causes or exacerbates acne, they agree that there are several things that contribute to outbreaks. And we should keep in mind that not all acne sufferers experience breakouts from exactly the same things, but there are some common triggers.

That’s why our infographic presents several possible causes and offers more than one potential way to address this condition. Read it for yourself or pass it on — with a suggestion that the acne sufferer try some of the lifestyle changes; and if the first one doesn’t help, he or she should move on to the next one. Living with acne is difficult, but it will get better. Hang in there!

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