6 Sexy Tips For More Orgasms

Sex. It’s a topic people have a lot of varying opinions on. You can debate who, when, where, and how. Generally, people can agree on one major factor though. If you’re going to have it, it should be good. Unfortunately, there’s a gap in the number of orgasms women have compared to men. Don’t fret if you aren’t on the receiving end as often as you want. There are some tips and tricks to help ladies have more frequent, better orgasms.

Lubes, Lotions, and Creams, Oh My!

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Lubricant is a vital part of a good sexual experience. It’s a misconception that lube is only for older women. No matter your age, you don’t want things sticking where they shouldn’t be. Lubricants also provide a fun way to change foreplay with different flavors and sensations. Don’t count out the simplicity of applying lotion to your partner. Gentle touch can help put you both in the mood. If you’re searching for an even bigger push for the big O, look to products like orgasm cream. Special external creams increase sensitivity and satisfaction.

Explore Like Magellan

Everyone’s bodies are different. There is no simple step-by-step process everyone can use to reach orgasm. You need to learn your body and what works best for it. Do a little self-exploration to figure out the angles, locations, and pressure that you love the most.

Sharing Is Caring

You’ve gone through the work to explore yourself. Now be sure to share your findings with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a mood-killing lesson. Just guide them along the way. A good partner will care about satisfying you, so don’t let them keep trying fruitlessly. Pillowtalk is the perfect time to learn about each other. Sharing not only teaches your partner what they need to know, but it also can build trust and reassurance in your relationship. Feeling comfortable can remove the stress that prevents you from getting over the edge.

Good Vibrations

Most women cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Adding a vibrator designed for personal or partner use can provide the clitoral attention you’ve been missing. There is an incredible number of toys to choose from. You can try out different shapes, colors, speeds, vibration patterns, and more.

Relax To Release

Do your best to clear your mind and be in the moment. Stray thoughts can take you out of the mood. If you start wondering if you’re going to orgasm, you probably won’t. Relax, have fun, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Hot In Here

Heat can play an important role in female orgasms. It increases blood flow, and more blood means more sensitivity and lubrication where it counts. You can try taking a hot bath or shower, using warming lube, or even placing a warm cloth on yourself.

With the proper supplies, exploration, communication, and relaxation your bedroom is about to heat up. Women can take charge of their bodies and start closing the gender orgasm gap.

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