3 Reasons You Should Install a Stairlift in Your Home

If you’ve found the stairs a struggle recently, then you may be considering adding a stairlift in your home. A stairlift can be an excellent way of getting between floors without risking accidents and injuries, but should you install one in your home? Here are some of the reasons to consider installing a stairlift.

  1. Stairs are one of the most dangerous areas in your home

Whether you have a disability or are feeling unsteady on your feet as you get older, stairs can be the biggest danger area because:

  • Stairs can be slippery, and it can be hard to regain your balance if you’re physically frail
  • Some older homes have stairs that are very steep and hard to climb
  • Stairways are often poorly lit so it’s hard to see where you’re going

A stairlift can therefore prevent some of the most common injuries in your home and can be an excellent way to keep yourself safe.

  1. Stairlifts can be surprisingly easy to install

You may think that a stairlift installation is a big job, but you may be surprised how quick and easy it can be, especially if you use a professional stairlift engineer Market Harborough. Stairlifts can often be installed in a matter of hours. A rail is fitted around your staircase, so usually no further adaptions need to be made to your home, and there are stairlift models to fit all sorts of staircases from straight to curved.

  1. Stairlifts help you stay independent in your home for longer

Love your home? As you get older, you may be finding it harder to live in your home and getting between floors can often be one of the biggest challenges. If you don’t want to move to a bungalow or assisted living, then a stairlift can help you stay in your home for longer. It means you can move between floors as you please and won’t need assistance each time you want to go up or down the stairs.

There are many reasons to install stairlifts in your home. Trips and falls can be extremely dangerous to the elderly or those with impaired mobility, so by installing a stairlift you can avoid a nasty and potentially fatal accident. A stairlift installation can be pretty straightforward in most homes, and can take as little as a few hours, yet this small job can give you your independence back.

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